IT Matters

“Without reengineering, information technology delivers little payoff; without information technology, little reengineering can be done”.
Michael Hammer
The improvement of logistics processes goes hand in hand with the adjusted IT-solution. Due to an optimal combination your efficiency may increase spectacularly. Thus it is important to closely join the experiences and demands on the shop floor.
On the basis of our conclusions we propose a system which we can specify in every detail for you.
Then we leave two possibilities open. From our independent position we are able to select a standard package which best matches your needs. We engage your entire company in it, of course. Thereafter we follow up the trajectory of negotiation, contract till implementation.Another possibility is that you choose for a custom-made solution. In that case we go to the market or offer a professional and affordable solution together with Roots Software NV. In cooperation with them we worked out a number of beautiful projects, i.e. our beer game. (

Essenciál had its own software designed in order to map your supply chain: the X7X6. This application enables to visualize the structure of your chain, from sand to customer. Next we graphically design the different indicators through the chain in order to offer a diagnosis rapidly. As soon as we have worked out the action plan in cooperation with you, we design a new structure and establish objectives for the supply chain parameters. After implementation by our employees and integration in your organisation, we follow up by means of the X7X6 whether we achieve the objectives.
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