Multi Modal Matters

A multimodal approach of your freight forwarding is important: ‘multimodal matters'. The various multimodal solutions (intermodal, co-modal) are the only way in which the logistics industry can work towards a viable and workable future in Europe. We have to implement as many transport modi as possible and tune the various modi to each other.

Essenciál has accumulated a lot of expertise on these ‘multimodal matters'. We focus especially on this durable approach of the commodity flow.

Are you searching for alternatives for your actual transport? Inbound or outbound? Cheaper and/or environment friendlier? We dispose of a firm comprehensive knowledge of the multimodal infrastructure and the intermodal transport market. Therefore we can rapidly precalculate which alternatives are better for you. Then we advise you how to implement them.

Filip Verbeke is the transport expert with Voka in the Antwerp and Limburg provinces, works for NV De Scheepvaart and has experience with the Railway. His network is extended through the entire transport world, with international dimension.

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