Supply Chain Matters

In your commodity flow (supply chain), there is perhaps room for improvement. You certainly are aware of that as an entrepreneur. To detect the issues that need improvement is not always simple.

Essenciál has gained quite some experience during recent years in the various domains of ‘supply chain'. Study, advice and implementation were the line of action through these projects. We are able to counsel you at the evaluation and improvement of processes in purchasing, planning, storing and distribution. The total package is the basis.

The commodity flow consists of various parts. On each of the sub domains below we are offering support.

With planning it is always essential to establish objectives and application of means on the right moment and in the appropriate manner. The supply chain planning affects the entire goods chain: purchase, production, distribution and delivery on demand. We are considering forecasting as well as short term (daily planning and follow up, reporting, delivery and invoicing).

We have worked ourselves with a lot of systems and are able to think together and in tune with your employees. Thus we arrive at the most appropriate working methods.
Consequently we propose a workable system. We advise you at the choice of the supporting software until the closing of the contract and its implementation. If it is necessary to work out a tailor-made system, we also make available our professional experience in order to scrutinize the trajectory from tender to execution of the order.

The commodity flow is not restricted to supply. It is obvious that the goods have to arrive efficiently at the customers. We are searching for the solution which offers the desired cost price or maximum cost price at a correct investment. Various elements go with it: location and form of the warehouse, internal organisation and processes, and the distribution method.

Together we establish the conditions the logistics service provider has to respect. We can select the best partner for you. We can do that in a completely objective way because of our independent position. We negotiate for you with different service providers, conclude the contract and follow up its implementation.

The goods chain starts with the purchase. This is also your first opportunity to start the supply chain efficiently. Each savings on purchase immediately leads to higher profit. With it you need to find the right balance of course. For some more strategic products you aim at establishing a long term relationship, for others only the price is of importance. Obviously, this requires a tailor-made method of working.

We study your portfolio and analyze your approach. We consequently work out an action plan by which your purchasing organisation better matches your company policies. If required we guide your employees during this process of change.

• Major Sportswear and Equipment Company
• Supergroup (South Africa)
• G4S
• Paperpack
• Belgian Post
• Spanolux
• Hansen Transmissions
• Atlas Copco
• Mobistar NV
• Novartis
• Tenneco Automotive
• Breva NV
• Manuport Group
• Major International Trimodal Forwarding Company
• Sociaal Fonds voor Goederenvervoer
• Tolimpex.

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